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2024 Kitchen Trends

The average spend for a full kitchen remodel in California is usually between 40-75 thousand dollars, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Are you curious about adding square footage and value to your property through either a garage conversion or a detached ADU?

Is the look of your house dated? Do you wish to enhance the style and character of your home? It’s surprisingly easy to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, especially if you put yourself in the hands of a skilled, licensed, residential architect.

Learn how to hire an architect before hiring for a home remodel project, ADU, or addition. Read what to ask an architect before hiring on the EZ Plans blog.

Changes to California ADU laws continue to lift restrictions and make it easier and more affordable to build Accessory Dwelling Units

Here are some tips on how to reimagine spaces with the addition of a home office from a residential, home office architecture company.

ADU (also “second unit” or “granny unit”), short for Accessory Dwelling Unit, means an attached or detached residential dwelling unit, situated on the same lot as an existing primary single-family dwelling.

Black in every form, whether it be matte or glossy, painted or powder-coated, is gaining popularity as an architectural finish.